Kidz Art

Kidz Art

Replicate your wee ones treasured artwork onto canvas

    How often does your little person do their best drawings on a scrappy old piece of paper, or even on a magna doodle? I would love to take that drawing and turn it into a piece of artwork you can proudly display, and keep forever.

    I work directly off a scan or photograph of your child's artwork to recreate it on canvas  with top quality paint on cotton duck canvas with piped outlines (which dry slightly raised). 

    You don't even need to worry if their drawing is tiny...or huge....I can enlarge or shrink your artwork to fit on almost any size canvas, and you can select your own background colours to compliment their picture, or your home décor.

    Price is for a basic drawing/painting on a 9"x12" canvas (roughly A4) - please contact me for a no-obligation quote for your special little persons artwork.


  • I will be in touch...

    As my Kidz Art is completely custom I will be in touch as soon as I receive your order so you can send me your child's artwork, and we can discuss background colours and adding text if required.